Friday, 19 June 2009

the disappearing act that is childhood?

not long ago now, i clicked onto the daily mail website to find myself delighted with new emma watson pictures at a rodarte private dinner, sporting a lovely dress from the label (very reminiscent of the rodarte dress natalie portman wore at the german premiere of "the other boleyn girl"). within seconds, i scrolled down to meet myself with readers' comments such as ‘she looks about 12’ and ‘she looks like she’s playing dress-up with her mum’s clothes’. people complain of youngsters who pile on the make-up, wearing skirts as short as a matter of inches, branding them as slutty or whatnot, yet when presented with a nineteen year old with class and dignity, who wears make-up minimally, she is branded a kid, looking far too young.

frustrated and angry with the ignorance of these comments, it immediately made me think a lot about modern society and the issue of growing up too quickly. unfortunately, the minds of these readers have been riddled with images of tween stars such as miley cyrus, who for the mostpart, could pass for at least a few years older than their true age. consequently, girls in idolisation of stars such as cyrus follow suit and before we know it, we have a world full of children and teenagers looking beyond their years.

of course, we cannot blame the stars nor the young girls themselves - i have certainly lost count of the times i have fawned over ashley olsen's latest ensemble and as a result, taken a vow to become a british olsen - we all do it. but has it gone too far? watching "this morning" a while ago, i remember a number of parents ringing in fearful due to their daughters and sons, as young as eight years old, complaining that they were far and consequently, refusing to eat. i hate to bring up the monotonous body image issue, but i believe when regarding a topic like this, it must be considered.
furthermore from this, it must be remembered that this is all relevant to boys too, what with the worth of the male beauty industry increasing year by year.

are we dangerously edging close to a society where the young will no longer experience the childhoods that we cherish?

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