Friday, 12 June 2009

fashionable shading

it's june; summer has approached, and ideally i would have all the sunglasses i need prepared for the next glimpse of sun. i have purchased one pair recently, but one pair doesn't seem to be enough. there's just too much talent to choose from, as it seems with every other wardrobe decision i make. aviators, oversized, flat tops, novelty...i want them all! surely protecting yourself from the sun shouldn't be so painstakingly-beautiful? oh but it is. here's just a few i'm considering reacquainting myself with the plastic for:

topshop "puerto rico" sunglasses: i bought these about a month ago after spying them on multiple visits to the cardiff branch. i love the over-sized flat top look, complete with the tortoiseshell design.

wunderkind cat's eye sunglasses: immediately fell in love with these sunnies when seeing olivia palermo sporting them - though i fear she may look far better in them than i would.


image via stella pictures

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