Tuesday, 16 June 2009

le fabuleux destin d'amélie poulain

if anyone hasn't seen this film yet, i highly recommend you to do so. after meaning to watch it for years, i finally bought it last year and within the first few minutes, it had stolen my heart. the cinematography is simply amazing in creating a parisian fantasy and consequently, fuelling my desire to go to paris even more. audrey tatou is charming and captivating as amélie poulain, not to mention her wonderfully quirky haircut and wardrobe, and the soundtrack, composed by yann tiersen, is exquisite (my favourite being "comptine d'un autre été: l'après-midi"). ooh la la!

images via hotflick and movie screenshots


  1. I love Amelie. :) Its a 'feel-good' movie!

  2. It's simply the best movie ever made, magical!