Sunday, 19 July 2009


freck·le (frkl) n. A small brownish spot on the skin, often turning darker or increasing in number upon exposure to the sun.

thought i'd start with a lovely dictionary definition. the freckle season has arrived, and i am one of the many subjected to this - however, this year i have chosen to embrace it. luckily for me and other frecklers, the stigmatisation of freckles has begun to lift, with people branding it "cute", "cool" or even "in fashion".

what do you think of freckles? and more importantly, if you have them, are you embracing them or forever trying to conceal them?

images via the national portrait gallery (twiggy & lily cole), sienna miller facebook fan page, emma watson pictures


  1. I love mine. As soon as they appear across my cheeks I know it's summer.

  2. Embrace freckles! I love mine, even though they make me look about 8...

  3. I have freckles, and I've aaaaalways hated them, but now like you say they're becoming quite fashionable which is fun! I always genuinly love them on other people, but I'm still trying my best to embrace mine, not quite there yet! Those pics are so cute too

    nicola xx

  4. You have a really nice post!! i like it very much:)

  5. I like mine on my cheeks and nose... but there also in strange places like my knuckles.. which is strange but I still kind of love them :D x

  6. i don't have freckles, but i think they're so cute on other people! i never understood why you would want to get rid of them...