Saturday, 1 August 2009

playing "if i were rich..." on net-a-porter

one of my ultimate favourite yet at the same time hated games is "if i were rich...". net-a-porter is usually my most favoured realm to play. whilst i can pretend to live in a fantasy where these beautiful items are affordable and accessible, the harsh reality always sets in that whilst my bank balance will not suffer due to not falling victim to these lovelies, i will never actually have them arriving at my door. sad.
i became a wonderfully rich fashionista for a moment earlier and here is what i "purchased"...

3.1 phillip lim leather flight jacket:
despite being in the midst of summer, this bleak weather britain is experiencing cannot fail to remind me that colder times are ahead. this 3.1 phillip lim jacket would be absolutely perfect for the autumn and winter seasons ahead, and it seems the flight jacket look is a popular one, with acne's take. however, i do not wear animal fur, so i shall continue to search for a faux (and affordable) version! (if anyone spots one, please let me know!)

miu miu glitter peep-toe pumps:
now i am not one to wear glitter, but noone can deny the beauty of these pumps. my friend and i saw these in harrods and actually fell in love. dorothy should have definitely clicked her heels in these.

i now invite you lovelies to play "if i were rich..." and let me know what you "bought"!