Friday, 8 January 2010

to zoe or not to zoe

so, being a student, i still have a couple of weeks of the holiday left. whilst others are using their first taste of 2010 through productive means...pumping iron at the gym, dedicating themselves to soups and salads, i... have given into the temptation of the rachel zoe project. love her or hate her, you have to hand it to the woman, she has made a name for herself through doing what she loves. i am still undecided whether i find her tv personality annoying or entertaining (see: "i die", "bananas"), however i do think the show provides a fantastic lens into the styling field, and it has undoubtedly given me more insight into the industry as a whole. plus, who wouldn't want to see the process of choosing anne hathaway's oscar dress?

has anyone else bore witness to "team zoe"? what are your thoughts? anyone else constantly playing the guessing game on zoe's age?
hope everyone has had a lovely christmas and new year!

image via bravo tv


  1. too bad Taylor left the team on season 3. :)

    Ahhhh...I think rachel is in her late thirties.

  2. definitely a shame taylor left - i really admire her work ethic! will be interesting to see how it all pans out